As we live in a world that is rapidly processing through technology, we may have realized that while our necessities and the resources required to fulfill these needs are not the same as they used to be decades ago, our sources have entertainment have evolved drastically too. We no longer just rent movies for the weekend or go out to diners on our days off, now we have multiple ways to have fun in our pastime without leaving our houses. The biggest change has been the evolvement in the world of gaming. If you are card games fan then you should check out the best card games for Android currently.

From going to gaming arcades to compete with our friends in two-player games, we now live in universe where we can play all sorts of games from the comforts of our homes, with literally anyone on the whole planet with gaming abilities and a smartphone.



In the Google Play Store, Games is by far the most popular category among types of apps, with more than 24% of all mobile applications. And according to this same research by Statistica, this number is only going to increase with time.

Mobile gaming has always been thrilling provoking application develops to invest even more time, energy, resources and money into developing new gaming apps and mobile versions of well-known stationary games. I guess we could say that games are the most profitable investments for app developers. From a user’s perspective, gaming applications tend to present players with the sense of accomplishment and high engagement in the course of playing.



There is an ample variety of mobile games available everywhere, including those offered by the Google Play Store. There are games for kids, for adults, even for the elderly. Games for passing the time and games for distracting yourself from daily problems, etc.

Some of the popular kinds of android games played by people all over the world are:

    Strategy games are typically about taking rounds on a battlefield or other aggressively competitive fields. During gameplay, players are required to emphasize on forethought and scheming. Classic board games such as check, checkers, snooker fall into this category.
    EXAMPLE: Clash Royale
  • RPGs
    Role-playing games, or RPGs as we commonly know them nowadays, are intricate and complex hobbies that include journeys, voyages, strongly detailed storylines, diverse characters and hours of gameplay. You have to take up a role and make decisions to make the story progress.
    EXAMPLE: Final Fantasy XV
    These include diverse experiences, interesting places and scenarios and typically are a blend of reflex testing and puzzle solving. Their pace is a bit slower than that of action games, though because they focus more on the thrill.
    EXAMPLE: Pokémon GO!
    This is the biggest category in android games. These are different from adventure games because action games need sharper reflexes and feature shooting arenas, fast-paced fighters and warriors, vehicles, crashes, etc.
    EXAMPLE: Fortnite
  • CARD
    Like the name indicates, this category of games includes solitaire, poker, rummy, euchre, etc. They require strategic minds and skills for successful gameplay.
    EXAMPLE: AL Factory Limited Card Games