While vaping is a somewhat new movement, it’s been one of the most successful ways that numerous people today have been able to quit smoking. Smoking is extremely addictive, and being able to successfully cut down has been hard to do, even with the smoking cessation tools of the past such as patches and nicotine gum (the gum being the most prominently used method other than vaping). In this article, we’re going to give you some reasons why vaping beats nicotine gum at helping people quit smoking ten thousand times over.


The Dosage

Vaping allows you full control of time, patience, and a real method of cutting down on your nicotine dosage and usage, which is something you don’t necessarily get when it comes to the gum. The gum-chewing method usually only gives you a few different doses, and more than anything, most users become addicted to the gum after prolonged use compared to vaping because of this.


Swapping Addictions

The addictive mindset is very powerful, and as mentioned above, the gum not only causes users to be more addicted because of the nicotine, but also because of the fact that they literally switch from one addiction to another. While you’re not getting the feeling of “smoking” like you would with a vapor pen from Canada Ejuice Oshawa, the gum actually causes you to switch methods altogether.

When you quit with vaping, you’re still getting that feeling of smoking a cigarette, and you eventually are able to quit doing that more and more, rather than overcompensate because you’re switching your methods of addiction. Therefore, over time it’s much easier to put the vape pen or e-cigarette down compared to stopping the chewing of nicotine gum.


Less Repeat Offenses

Most users who have tried to use gum and patches have actually ended up going back to smoking at some point in their lives, or repetitively, even after a few months. However there about 20% of users that have never smoked another e-cigarette after a year as compared to users who have tried other methods. While this may not seem like that many, this is actually breakthrough advancement when it comes to the amount of people who quit smoking then years down the road start up again, or continue to use cigarettes recreationally.


Successfully Quitting by Vaping

There are more doctors these days that are starting to recommend that their users start with e-cigarettes. While they don’t follow the “fad” that is what some people have made of vaping, they have realized the numerous benefits, and how it was an easier transition for a user’s body to adjust to as compared to the common and popular older methods of quitting.

Not only this, but by vaping, you’re also giving your body less of a shock because not only are you still keeping the “puffing” mindset, you’re not ingesting the same harmful chemicals that are caused by smoking, or even doing things like hurting your gut, which is another reason why nicotine gum fails most of the time, as it can cause ulcers and more gastric issues than vaping.