Outsourcing is becoming a new norm which changes the entire global industry. This is due to the fact that companies are turning into more strategic and powerful institutions. As a result, IT is expanding to provide more options for modern outsourcing. In this article, we have collected all the trends of IT outsourcing that you will observe in 2020.

#1 Striving for advanced IT technologies

This area is constantly being updated, and if your company wants to outperform its competitors, it should implement all available technologies: from artificial intelligence to blockchain. That is why most companies will seek cutting-edge technology for efficient outsourcing.

#2 New destinations in IT outsourcing

Until now, the largest revenue from global outsourcing is accrued in the EMEA region, where India and its neighbour China occupy the first positions. This trend is predicted to change in 2020, as the number of IT professionals increases in the regions below:

  1. Poland;
  2. Romania;
  3. Moldova

In each of these states, there are at least 150 thousand professionals who work in this area. Thanks to secure money transfers and low cost of services, these countries will become popular suppliers.

#3 Cybersecurity

All companies and customers will devote much more time to this issue. Cybercriminals activate new levels of risk. Therefore, one of the most disturbing trends is a political cyberattack. This encourages governmental authorities to control the global net. This is why the GDPR project (approved last year) forced all businesses to safeguard their data.

To preserve their reputation and money, many companies will use IT outsourced technologies of cyber-security to reduce all the risks. The Computer Economics report says that the volume of outsourcing work in this area has doubled during 2019.

#4 Virtual Reality

In 2015, the market of VR/AR was valued at $3+ billion. By mid-2021, its value will increase to $76 billion. VR definitely demonstrates fantastic growth, despite obstacles.

In 2020, all companies will look for new outsourcing solutions that are available on the VR market today. This list includes such technologies as:

  • Rendering measurement and updating;
  • 3D object detection;
  • Improved gesture recognition;
  • New controls.

Also, AR/VR projects are often used in virtual stores. With the new solution, customers buy more products.

#5 Automation via Artificial Intelligence

Probably automation is a key trend in the field to be changed in 2020. The largest investments will be directed to RPA and AI as these technologies expand every single day. According to surveys, 83% of experts say RPA looks the most promising over the next 10 years. 80% say the same thing about artificial intelligence.

#6 Cost Reduction

Rising oil and transportation prices will force companies to lower their costs. Therefore, most of them will use IT outsourcing which performs more business functions at a low cost.

Will IT outsourcing disappear? No, no, no! As you can see, in 2020, IT outsourcing will change rapidly. This is due to new areas of business and the increase in prices we are seeing today. The suppliers not only provide their customers with access to specialized skills but also save their resources.