Have you ever wondered why you are getting x-rays at the dentist? It may seem like a waste of time at first, but after you read this article, you will realize there is a lot more that goes into getting x-rays than you may think. That is why the Falcon Dental Group experts are here to explain what x-rays are good for. Keep reading to learn more.


Allows you to see underneath

One of the main reasons why people initially go to the dentist is so that the dentist can let them know if they are missing anything. Although the dentist typically can spot a lot that you could not have, they also want to take x-rays so they can spot anything that cannot be seen by the eye. This means that x-rays can see what is going on inside the tooth as well as in the tooth root, so underneath the tooth.

Getting a physical examination will also show what is going on and show if there is a cavity that has started forming, gum disease, an oral infection you may be developing, or even if you have a tumor. It’s important that it does not end up turning into more and that is why an x-ray is so important.

When you get an x-ray it will depend on when you had the last one, what your health is, and your age. A dentist may recommend you get an x-ray even if you had one six months ago. Whereas a lot of people do not need them annually and they get one every other year. There has been speculation from people that getting an x-ray in unhealthy because it gives off radiation however the Dental Association stated that they are minimal and it is not actually something to be concerned about when you are not having them often.

To find out exactly what is going on, x-rays are able to help the dentist getting diagnose you. That means if you think something may be wrong but you are a little unsure what it is or the exact location, an x-ray can be taken and show you exactly that and answer your questions quickly.


Identifies cavities

As we stated earlier, if you are having a problem in your mouth, the x-ray will be able to determine the issue. What you may not realize is a cavity is forming. If the x-ray finds this cavity during the early state when you or the dentist couldn’t see it, they can even clean it out and make it so a cavity does not actually end up happening.


Spots you don’t see

You cannot look into your mouth and see every little part of it. In fact, there are places that can never be seen by a human because they are not visible. This is one of the reasons why x-rays are important and will help your oral health stay healthy and clean.


Children’s health

Going to the dentist when a child is young is especially important so that the dentist can regularly check on the growth of the teeth in your child’s mouth. When a child has x-rays performed, they are able to see the development from the last time and see what changes are occurring. This will allow the dentist to share more predictions with you which can really help the patient in the long run.


Wisdom teeth

The final reason we want you to know if x-rays are good for you is because they show your wisdom teeth. Many people get their wisdom teeth taken out at a young age. If you are young, the x-rays can show where your wisdom teeth are and if they need to be taken out right away so they are not shifting the teeth. If you have not got your wisdom teeth out yet and you are an adult, it is something the dentist should check on so that they can see if there has been any progress make or anything that may look like assistance needs to be had with them.

Every person not only develops their wisdom teeth differently but their teeth differently in general. This is why everyone has a different smile and it’s one of the ways it makes us unique. Because of this, there is no cookie cutter method for dental health. Your health will be completely different than the next person and your unique mouth may create different challenges that were not expected. This means it’s important for x-rays to be had so both you and the dentist know exactly what is going on in your mouth at all times.

As you can see, x-rays are much better for you than you realized. X-rays will allow you to see what is actually going on in your mouth so that you can have a better idea and the dentist can have a better idea and you can determine what is the best course or action or order for you to have overall healthy gums and mouth. For more information on x-rays or to schedule an appointment with our office for yours, contact us today.