The search for new acquaintances through the Internet is gradually becoming more and more popular. A few years ago, it was considered as either stupid fun for advanced PC users or just as attempts to arrange a personal life of insecure people. Today there is hardly a person who would not try dating through the Internet. 

It is understandable – it is easy, convenient, simple, free, but do not forget about simple caution. Almost everybody knows that it is not worth going to the forest with a stranger from a pub at three o’clock in the morning, but for some reason, the gullibility in the network is quite widespreadIn this article we will talk about all the nuances of online dating that have to do with the security aspect of it. 


Hot chicks as baits for men 

Often on dating sites you can meet fabulous, stunningly beautiful girls with straight-forward profiles in which they immediately offer to prove their worth to men and give them something in return, which is usually about monetary gifts. This, allegedly, will give them confidence in the serious intentions of a user, which it seems to be quite productive, as lots of men fall for such schemesWhat is the scheme in such a situation, can’t you see one? 

These are typical scammers, who want to help you to lose your money. After performing the necessary action, they will even communicate with you, continue the correspondence, but will most likely refuse to meet you or will immediately send you to a blacklistOne can report such a scammer to the moderators of a dating site, sure, but it quite likely that it will be impossible to return the money in this case. 

Remember the main rule  under no circumstances should you ever give any amount of money to any dating site user. After a date – do anything that you want, you aren’t immune from fraud at this point, but it is quite unlikely, but before the real communication with person  forget about it. This concerns both men and women. 

Men are probably the main target audience of scammers, as there are less women on dating sites, so it is easier to find a potential victim, but what about some advice that should be given to women? 

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It is no easier for women 

It can be quite hard for women to enjoy online datingAnything can happen to them, it seems like men are mostly targeted for short-term and small profit, while women are exact opposite of that (as a rule). A woman may come into contact with a marriage swindler, an alphonso or a maniac. Of course, if you are not against such way of entertainment, then boldly give in to the clutches of the insidious fate, but everyone else should be safe and this way of spending time isn’t that fun anyway. 

The biggest problems for women concern the first date that they attend. It is best to be safe and chat with a potential partner via some video chat in order to find out whether they are real or not and to find out if they correspond to their profile pic in the first place. Sometimes such scammers like to disguise themselves as other people, you may even find their picture online via Google picture search. 

When going to on the first date, let the new acquaintance know that close people know about your communication – say that you will be with your sister or someone will give you a ride to your destination. This may turn off a scammer altogether. If you are invited to a restaurant or cafe, especially if an institution is not the cheapest, remember the golden rule of such meetings – order only what you yourself are willing to pay. There are lots of stories one can find online about the dates on which a man spends tons of money on food and then says that he forgot his wallet at home or something like that. 

Do not send your intimate photos during correspondence that you don’t want other people to see on the Internet. And even more so – do not do anything perverted in front of a webcam, because the next day you may realize that that person has sent that footage to all of your friends and colleaguesEven if you are texting with the most handsome men in the world that has the biggest yacht on planet Earth, you should not showoff yourself in this light as it may be used against you.