Don’t Worry About Breaking These Relationship Rules


In the modern world, we are surrounded by voices that want to tell us how to live our personal lives. From our friends to our parents, from movies to magazines, everyone has an idea about what we should do, and they don’t hold back with sharing it.

A lot of this advice has solidified over decades, becoming a sort of guidebook for standard behavior in romantic relationships. However, times are quickly changing, and these ideas need to catch up. Look at how the way we date has changed! Online dating was virtually unheard of 30 years ago, and today it is one of the most common ways people find a life-long partner.


It is time to freshen up this advice passed down from generation to generation. Let’s take a look at what relationship rules you don’t need to worry about:

  1. You shouldn’t have friends of the opposite sex

That is a truly old-school notion. Back then, you couldn’t get a simple cup of coffee with an old friend if they happened to be of the “wrong gender”. You couldn’t be seen out in public together as it was deemed inappropriate. While there are still those who believe in this rule, it isn’t suitable for modern day relationships.

  1. Guys should always pay for dates

Another archaic rule says that men should always pay when you go out on a date. These days, your gender doesn’t define you as much as before. Studies show that men don’t mind if the woman also pays for dates because it makes them feel appreciated. There’s nothing wrong with that!

  1. Never go to bed angry

While it is certainly nicer to fall asleep in a good mood, let’s be realistic – it is not always possible. It is best to resolve issues quickly to prevent them from dragging on, but you can opt for solving the problem the following day. What is important here is that you work through it. The when doesn’t matter so much.

  1. Your partner must love your family

Yet another rule out of an imaginary world. Getting along with each other’s family is huge, but is it ever that easy? Relationships are complicated, and people can be so very different. Expecting everyone to get along is a dangerous fantasy to have. If there are good reasons why your partner doesn’t mix well with someone in your family, don’t push it.

  1. Guys with an average income aren’t marriage material

This idea is as ancient as the earth. The times where men were the sole bread-winners of the family are long gone. However, the pressure to be the ideal provider remains. These days it matters less and less who brings how much money home. The important thing is that you two can meet all your needs and no one is stressed out. Moreover, with all available options to earn money sitting on the sofa, like casinos online, you both can become rich soon!


Out with the Old, in with the New

We often rely on advice when we are at a crossroads in our romantic relationships. When that happens, take some time to examine the rules you have around that particular problem. They could stem from some outdated notions that no longer work for modern-day relationships.

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